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Little Munchkins is a website and a podcast that I started after suffering three consecutive miscarriages. I felt hopeless and alone and wanted to read about other women’s experiences. After finally giving birth to my rainbow baby, I wanted to give back to women going through the same thing.

If you want to work with Little Munchkins, please note that our audience is very specific and we value every reader that comes our way. We work with companies, blogs, and individuals in partnerships, including sponsored content, ad campaigns, and affiliate programs. Please check out the “Little Munchkins Media Kit” for more information.

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If you want to work with Malene from Little Munchkins, please explore our “Little Munchkins Media Kit“. This kit will provide many details in terms of what kind of work she does and what you can expect.

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If you want to know more about Little Munchkins, please explore our About Page. If you have any further questions, please reach out.

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To get prices and package information, please download the “Little Munchkins Media Kit“.

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I’m located in Hamilton, Ontario, which is just outside of Toronto, Ontario (about an hour!). We do not have an office open to the public, but that doesn’t mean we can’t schedule a chat.

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Instagram: @littlemunchkinsca